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Montreal Immigration Law

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Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren is a Montreal law firm that specializes in issues pertaining to immigration law. If you are having problems acquiring legal status in Montreal or are facing deportation we can help rectify your problem swiftly and effectively. We have solved issues concerning amnesty, diplomatic immunity, green card fraud, illegal aliens, refugee status, visa rejections and renewals, and naturalization proceedings.


For instance, you may have been offered a position in Montreal and are concerned about getting a visa. You may also be concerned about the costs and legislation involved in bringing your spouse and children over so that you can be a family again. Fortunately, Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren guarantees that we will obtain the proper visa and/or work permit to meet your unique needs quickly and with minimal deliberation. In addition, we can help you obtain a non-immigrant visa if you simply want to visit Montreal as a tourist. However, if you become accustomed to Montreal and wish to become a permanent resident we will provide you with all the resources necessary to become a naturalized citizen in record time.


Furthermore, Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren is well aware of the stress and bureaucratic red tape that is pervasive in today's highly cautious and complicated immigration statues. Countries are paranoid and wary of whom they allow into their country in a world rampant of paranoia and fear mongering. This has led to amendments that have made it more difficult to gain entry into a country and even harder to obtain citizenship or permanent residency. Fortunately, Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren is a pro-active immigration law firm that has taken all the steps necessary to say ahead of legal mandates and clauses and provide top-of-the-line legal services at competitive rates.


Hence, whether you are looking for a work visa or are trying to enter Montreal as an international student or refugee we will handle all of the immigration loop-holes and hassles for you and ensure a safe and comfortable assimilation into Montreal for you and your family. Please call Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren today for a free consultation and get peace of mind...and guaranteed results, today.