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Montreal Corporate & Commercial Law

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Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren specializes in several forms of corporate and commercial law in Montreal . We can essentially resolve disputes between corporate and commercial entities including private and public transactions and malfeasance. For instance, some of the commercial issues Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren has mediated and resolved in the past include bills of partnership and exchange, hiring practices, accident, life, and fire insurance, the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of consumer goods, merchant shipping fiascos, and corporate contracts.


Regarding corporate law, Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren had dealt with shareholders, employees, consumers, and creditors to resolve issues pertaining to shares, separate legal personality, management delegation, limited liability, conglomerations, mergers, corporate takeovers, transfers, and liquidations. Moreover, Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren has always taken a pro-active or anticipatory stance to corporate and commercial law to avoid legal pit-falls that plague reactionary measures. By planning ahead, our vanguard of corporate and commercial litigators can resolve legal matters quickly and effectively and even bypass bureaucratic red tape altogether.


In addition, Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren offers corporate and commercial consultation services if you need sound advice on a legal matter. For instance, we can help you register a subsidiary, company, branch, or local entity. We can also simply the legal components of corporate finance, write-up the documents to certify a corporate merger, transfer, or new shareholder influx. Furthermore, we provide consultations on insolvency, financing, business structuring, and bankruptcy law as well as concerns you may have about patents, intellectual properties, partnerships, and other legal bodies.


As for commercial law, we provide several different legal services at competitive rates. For instance, we can help negotiate, draft, and review different commercial agreements. Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren can also resolve registration issues surrounding trademarks and provide consumer protection. Moreover, we can handle issues pertaining to international trade (i.e., tariffs, embargos), eliminate product liability conundrums, resolve transport law barriers, and circumvent issues regarding permits, licenses, and state and tax registration.


Hence, Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren will handle any and all commercial and corporate law issues in record time and at very competitive rates. Our highly dedicated corporate and commercial litigators have years of business law experience under their respective belts and will resolve any legal issue you may have with tact and integrity. In addition, our diverse client base has ranged from small businesses to fortune 500 companies. Consult us today and discover the Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren difference for yourself.