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You have worked hard to put food on the table and clothes on the backs of your family, but have lost your job. Or, perhaps you are a Montreal entrepreneur who has felt the brunt of a highly competitive and volatile market. As a result, despite your best efforts, you find yourself overwhelmed by insurmountable debt. That is, your debts outweigh your assets and the compound interest only makes your difficult situation even worse. Don't worry. Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren understands your concerns and we will alleviate your debt problems quickly and with minimal hassle and stress. Our highly qualified and dedicated lawyers will use every loophole at their disposal to reduce your debt and get you back on your feet in record time. Moreover, we can create a personalised debt reduction and management plan to reprioritize your needs and set you on the path to financial stability.


However, sometimes simply trying to manage one's debts won't suffice. If your debts are so large that you will never be able to pay them off in a lifetime you may have no choice but to declare personal or corporate bankruptcy. That is, trying to salvage what's left by remortgaging your home, extending your line of credit, or cashing in your 401k isn't the solution. Fortunately, our expert trustees are fully licensed and dedicated bankruptcy law professionals in the Montreal area. Moreover, we provide free and anonymous consultations that cater to your personal situation.


Furthermore, if you own a company that is currently in financial ruin you may need to declare corporate bankruptcy. However, the trustees at Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren will ensure that you obtain liability protection so that only company assets are seized and sold to repay your debts. In addition, we will ensure that any leftover debts-if applicable-will be absorbed by the creditors themselves.


Hence, whether you need help managing your finances, want someone to get rid of those pesky collection agencies for you, or need to declare personal or corporate bankruptcy, Law Office of Douglas Earl McLaren will provide free and confidential consolations and advisory planning to get you back on your feet with minimal anxiety. Please contact us today to eliminate any insolvency issues you may have.